Brief for game site
Contact Information
(Name, Position, Email, Skype, Mobile Phone)
Name of the game
Game genre
Game platforms
Describe the stylistic features of your game
(For example: a game in the style of Fantasy, military themes of the 20th century, the game is similar in style to the game Heroes 3, etc.)
List the main sections of the site
Describe the target audience of your site.
If you have statistics by user type, attach it to the brief
List the games of your competitors.
Rate their sites, mark their pros and cons
Terms of implementation
Planned budget
What are the marketing and image goals of the site?
How often will you update the information on the site?
Will there be foreign versions of the site?
If so, which ones?
What are the existing restrictions in the development of the site (administration system, security requirements, workload, etc.)?
How many concurrent visits are planned on your site?
Does your game have a logo, graphic materials and Assets?
List a few sites you like in the gaming industry. Why do they attract you?
Upload files (logos, game Assets, etc.)
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